Expertise & solutions

A deep and continuous research in forms of competitiveness should result in the need to innovate and optimize internal processes and procedures. 

Valuement Group shares its experience in process management and data manipulation to pinpoint or reassure improvement areas. We support the Commercial and Purchasing Director, Finance Director, or any other Function in obtaining sustained results.


Profit Recovery

Profit recovery

The purchasing process has its share of grey zones which are partially or fully covered by internal processes and periodic audits and controls. The complexity of the purchasing cycle demands that companies continuously invest resources in order to reduce the associated risks of...

Credit recovery Valuement

Receivables Risk Management

The optimal way to manage your receivables is to actually not create the receivables in the first place. 

While this is impossible in every thinkable way, what we can do for our Clients is to reduce their exposure to potential...

Business consulting

Process consulting

Competition is increasing and we see more and more disruptive ideas taking over. While price wars are only the tip of the iceberg, the real race for innovation, solutions, competitiveness and ultimately for market share has already started.


Outsourcing activities


Over time, companies have set up processes and have accelerated controls to improve performance and cash flows. Given the large number of limitations, pooling activities and experience sharing are possibly the most efficient value adding activities....