Since its creation in 2014, Valuement has known an important growth with the development of its subsidiaries in Romania, Russia, France, United Arab Emirates, Poland and recently Scandinavia. It represents a dynamic group with 140 and 6 associates all with ten years of experience.

 Les 6 associés



Their previous experience in value added activities development in the retail market gave them the skills to create a regional team of experts to satisfy retailer CFO and purchasing directors’ needs. Their process and data analysis knowledge get them expertise to find process’ grey areas with a qualitative and quantitative answer to enhance your internal results.


Associé Gael Quemener

After 12 years as a director controlling in retail in France and in Italy, Gael Quemener chose to begin a career in consulting. He worked during 9 years as an international director in a consulting group specialized in retail. Then, he decided in 2014 to development Valuement Group with his partners Vincenzo, Vladimir, Stefano, Nicola, and Franco. He is the CEO of the group and his aims are to define and apply the group strategy, and to develop new markets, with external growed operations. 





Associé Stefano Frassa

After international business studies in Paris, Stefano Frassa began his career in international export for industrial companies then he specialized in retail. In 2001, he worked as sales manager on different zones in the world for an important milk producer and exporter. In 2004, he integrated an international IT materials group to distribute products in Africa. In 2007, he decided to integrate an audit and consulting international company. Until 2014, he worked as a business developer in Europe with a specialization in retails. 

Today, Stefano Frassa develops Valuement through Europe and he is the France country manager. He is in charge of marketing and communication for the Group.


VINCENZO MIANI - Eastern europe & middle east GENERAL DIRECTOR

Associé Vincenzo Miani

With a management experience of over 13 years in auditing and consulting, Vincenzo has led the operations deployed in over 11 European countries by over 100 auditors and consultants. His experience in working along and delivering added value for C-level executives was built in projects delivered to International Retail Chains such as: MAF, Auchan, Metro, Kingfisher, Marinopoulos, Coop and Schwarz Group.

Vincenzo Miani is Partner and acting General Manager of the Middle East and Eastern Europe subsidiaries of Valuement Group. He is responsible for setting strategy and development of the Profit Recovery and Consulting Service Lines and ensuring the quality standards for all projects.



Associé Franco Beretta

After his diploma, Franco learnt during 2 years in a medium company in the Brazia region. Then he worked with a purchasing director for a global company based in United States of America. He worked in Brussels one year as a consultant on European Commission tenders. He decided to begin to work for international consulting firm specialized in retail. He worked there for 10 years and became operational manager for Spain and Italy. He acquired different skills in audit, analytics procedures, planification and organization. 

Then he decided to create Valuement Group with human partners. Franco worked to organise the Group's financial structure and the financial flows. Today he dedicates himself to the development of the new department. He is now working to develop the consulting line service for the optimization of operational processes.



Associé Vladimir Sirbu

Graduated from Bocconi university in Milan (one of the top 10 universities in Europe), he has 10 years in consulting and profit recovery services in largest retail companies in several countries like Italy, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Russia. Also thanks to his passion on internationalization, he succeeded to learn and speak 6 languages. 

His dream in creation of Valuement, as experts in retail, is to deliver value to customers, constantly invest and contribute to the development of teams. He wants to keep the international environment as a key contribution for sharing knowledge, expertise, culture and of course maintain the spirit of competition. 



Associé Nicola Fontana

Nicola worked for more than 10 years as an analyst before he was in charge of a team dedicated to overhead costs management. Then, he took the Marketing director position in Italy and developed a strategy for the auditing and consulting company. 

During his experience in that company specialized in the retail and industry markets, his thought about - the first capital of a company is its employees - has been reinforced. 

Today, Nicola works with a lot of energy to identify the best qualified and passionate employees for Valuement and to give them the right tools. Valuement supports its team to think out of the box and to assembly its resource to fit to the client’s needs.