Case studies

E-commerce Reconciliation

Our client, a big sized European apparel retailer had a reconciliation system running out of control...

Inventory Shrinkage

Following our client's - the world's top toy retailer - relocation to a new warehouse, shrinkage rate has almost doubled...

Profit Recovery

Our client, world's top 10 grocery retailer wanted to analyse financial losses, to identify the differences and circulation of profit loss in order to implement a recovery procedure.

Payment Fraud Prevention

Our client, a middle size fashion retailer wanted an advanced e-commerce payment transaction system supporting the already existing 3-D secure system.

Buying Prices Analytics

Our client, Russian branch of the world's top 10 wholesale retailer wanted to be prepared for negotiation campaign.

Category Management

Our client, the Russian branch of world’s top 10 grocery retailer, wanted an assessment of tea category performance in order to align its offer with the latest market trends.

Robotic Process Automation

Our client, world’s top 10 grocery retailer, wanted to develop the RPA system in order to manage the information requests coming from suppliers.

Analysis of suppliers bank account masterdata

Our client, a pharmaceutical company wanted to verify the consistency and the completeness of the suppliers’ bank details database.