Edito 2018

2017 was the year of a strong development for Valuement, thanks to a main asset= the human capital; and based on an international expansion.


les associésFirst of all, from past September, we have reached and even overtaken our objective of 100 people. Secondly, we have concentrated our efforts on opening new countries such as Poland, Kazakhstan, from our Russian team and several GCC countries from Dubai headquarters.

2017 was also the year of our service line Consulting’s acceleration, with the creation of a specific structure exclusively dedicated to the Retail industry and managed by Michel Crahay, former CFO of big players in this field in Europe. We have set up and trained local teams, to be always closer to our clients.

2018 is in the same trend as previous years with a strong spirit of acceleration through operational and technological partnerships and an active international expansion. 

Valuement is getting more organized with the creation of a Group entity in Milan in order to reach easier ambitious objectives.

Combined with the launch of a Consulting entity, Valuement is aimed to respond always to the needs of retailers in terms of process optimization. For that, in 2018 Valuement will enlarge service lines and products in order to follow the road to become the privileged partner of the Retail industry.