Employees and experience: key factors of Valuement company’s success.


Today, Valuement Group can happily position itself as one of the Profit Recovery experts in CIS, Russian and Middle Eastern retail markets.

The company growth is a result of the employees’ professional growth. Valuement regularly organizes in-company trainings and events for international employees to share in their experience.

The kick-off meeting took a place in the Moscow office at the end of October and brought together all the Profit Recovery operational managers, consultants and analysts to discuss all different types of Price Analyses  - one of the top type of analyses  was aimed to recover lost profits. The following topics were discussed during the meeting:

  • The approach on price analysis
  • Solutions how to face difficulties
  • IT-Operational collaboration
  • More than 15 different price analyses concepts


The exchange of international experience is very important in new types of analysis development as well as the specifics of each client. 

It was decided at the meeting to define the criteria of the client regarding price analysis to clarify which concepts could be done based on the potential and individual cases of each client. It will give Valuement more high-impact approach in profit recovery and will increase the recovered amounts for our clients.