Valuement Fraud prevention offer : interview with Michel Crahay, Consulting General Manager

Valuement is proud to launch on the market its new offer focused on Fraud. We would like to thank Michel Crahay, Valuement Consulting General Manager for giving this exclusive interview focused on Valuement’s new offer.

Why did Valuement decide to create an offer dedicated to Fraud?

The idea is resulting from a project which objective was actually only to analyse and understand the reason of a continuous increase of shrinkage within client’s operations. It turned out that those losses were indeed the result of a fraudulent scheme between one of our client’s employee and its supplier counterpart…

We then decided to actively engage in the fight against fraud and we created our fraud prevention offer. What I learned from my extensive experience as CFO in the world’s top retail companies is that this sector is continuously threatened by different kind of frauds, such as financial fraud, in-store thefts, employee fraud and last but not least webstore fraud (an arising issue due to continuous ecommerce growth).

We are sure that our offer will help our clients to address this increasing challenge creating a leakage of €1 M in almost 25% of cases.

What is Valuement’s added value on Fraud Prevention?

Two things essentially: extensive and transversal experience in retail together with our capability of analysing large volumes of data. We also have partnerships with companies using new technologies very supportive in quick and efficient assessment.

Could you please describe Valuement’s Methodology and the team?

Our methodology is rather simple: through the review of company most sensitive processes, we highlight the weakest control points of the organisation, then, if presumptions are strong enough, we initiate a detailed and confidential analysis, bringing facts and precise actions plan to the company management. All those actions are conducted in line with the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) standards: to have a certificated consultant leading the project is a warranty for the client in terms of best practices on both legal and operational aspects…

April 19, 2019