Valuement Russia is now a Member of The Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

Various non-profit associations and commerce chambers that represent and promote the economic interests of their members is one of the most interesting and productive forms of cooperation for any member company. 

Valuement Russia just became a member of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce. This important step will bring broad spectrum of benefits and advantages to the company as membership in the CCIFR is a great platform for professional networking and events. It’s a great concept of cooperation between the companies from the Russian Federation and France.

 The CCIFR exist in Russia since 1997 and now unites more than 450 companies-members from different industries, including big retailers, such as Leroy Merlin, Auchan, Castorama, Decathlon, Ile de Beaute, etc.

The Business Community of CCIFR hosts more than 200 events a year. 

Thematic conferences with leading experts.

CCIFR offers various opportunities to exchange, learn, network and engage in the business world. 

Practical seminars.

The Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce offers a series of tailored seminars for business people and companies that are willing share their knowledge and experience.

15 Professional Committees.

The Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce also incorporates 15 professional Committees from various sectors. These working groups provide experience, identify specific problems that are a concern to the members.

Delegations to Russian regions and CIS countries.


The CCIFR also takes an active part in the development of the business cooperation between the companies from the Russian Federation and France. CCIFR provides support for companies for e

stablishing French businesses in Russia and vice versa.

The  Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce is a unique organization that  offers plenty of benefits and opportunities to any company. Valuement Russia is happy to be a part of CCIFR and hope for the long-term and productive cooperation.